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Three-phase electric ac/dc on-grid solar pv combiner box With Mppt Solar Charge Controlle


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Short Description:

Material: PC/SMC/Steel
Size: Customized Size
Protection Level: IP66
Place of Origin: Zhejiang
Model Number: SHLX-BL
Package: Standard Carton
Application: Solar System
Standard: International Standards
Keyword: Solar grid-connected system
Product name: DC/AC on-grid combiner box
Rated current: 32A/63A/80A/100A/125A/200A/225A/250A
Dimensions and components can be customized

Product NamePhotovoltaic grid-connected distribution box
Number of inverter input1
Number of output1
Rated AC voltage220V/230V/240V/400
Maximum rated input current32A/63A/80A/100A/125A/200A/225A/250A
Rated frequency50Hz/60Hz
Cabinet materialPC/SMC/Cold rolled steel/Stainless steel
Protection levelIP66
Collision protection levelIK10
Box sizecustomize
Inverter access portM50(ф32.7—38mm)
Grid access portM50(ф32.7—38mm)


Photovoltaic grid-connected boxes are used to build photovoltaic power stations near the user’s site. The operation mode is based on the user’s spontaneous use and excess power to go online; in order to maximize the safe operation of the system, ensure the safe coordination of the inverter and the mains power grid, and improve Photovoltaic grid-connected distribution box designed for system reliability and energy metering. The product has the characteristics of high protection level, long service life and convenient installation and operation. Its functions include isolation protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, surge grounding protection, over and under voltage protection and reclosing after restoration, power generation electricity metering, etc.


1.All metal boxes are made of cold-rolled steel or stainless steel plates produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel, and the protection level of the box is above IP54, which is suitable for outdoor installation.
2. The box body adopts a three-layer design, the top layer is designed as the frame of the box body to prevent rain and rainwater from entering the box body; the middle layer is designed as a photovoltaic meter, and various data on the meter can be observed through the transparent glass plate , And a seal interface is designed on the door lock; the bottom layer is designed as a control and protection area, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to maintain and repair.
3. The grid inlet hole design of the box body can enter the wire from the bottom or the side. When the side wire enters, an IP66 waterproof connector is installed to ensure the protection level of the box.
4. The inlet hole of the inverter is designed at the bottom to facilitate direct wiring on site.
5. The isolation switch in the box adopts a well-known brand and has an obvious breaking point. The design capacity is more than 1.5 times the maximum output current of the inverter.
6. The cabinet is designed with a photovoltaic over-voltage protection device and a voltage recovery reclosing protection device. In addition to voltage loss protection, this product can also protect the grid voltage from instability.
7. The cabinet is designed with heavy surge protection. The standard maximum discharge current of the surge protector is 40KA. In areas with frequent thunderstorms, a larger lightning surge protector can be used, and the maximum discharge current can reach 100KA.
8. The cabinet is designed with an over-current protection circuit breaker to ensure that the circuit breaker can be reliably disconnected when the system is overloaded or short-circuited.
9. The installation board inside the box can be equipped with epoxy resin insulation board according to customer requirements, and the thickness of the insulation board is at least 5mm or more.
10. The anti-islanding device can be configured according to customer requirements.

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