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1. The operation of power failure should be in accordance with the order of switch, load side knife gate, and power source side knife gate. The reverse operation of power transmission should be carried out in the reverse order to prevent closing the knife gate under load.

2. If a power failure operation task includes one or more busbars for the entire section of power failure, it is allowed to open all the switches that should be powered off one by one, and then open the corresponding knife gate one by one; the power transmission operation can also be performed according to the above principles.

3. The operation of the switch must be checked for effect. If there is a loop to hot standby in an operation task, the effect inspection after opening the switch must be a separate item; other situations should be replaced by the actual position of the inspection switch before opening and closing the knife gate.

4. After the double-circuit lines or transformers (including the used transformers) that can be operated in parallel, check the meter indications of the two circuits before and after the split to check the correctness of the operation results.

5. Before closing or opening the switch on both sides of the switch, check that the switch is in the open position.

6. When the transformer substation with bypass busbar is performing the side-by-side busbar operation, check that the knife gates of all the side-bus outlets are open, and a separate check item should be set.

7. Operation of switch operation DC fuse (operation DC switch): When power is cut off, the DC fuse should be opened immediately after opening the switch (positive first then negative); when power is supplied, after other operations are completed, put into operation before closing the switch DC insurance.

8. The DC insurance and power insurance (DC power plug-in) should be opened when the switch and knife gate are overhauled; the DC insurance should not be opened when the switch is in hot standby; the power insurance may not be removed when the switch is cold standby, hot standby and line maintenance .

9. The reclosing device is put into operation. The deactivation operation procedure should be deactivated and put into operation as the switch is opened and closed. When power is supplied, the reclosing device should be put in after the switch is closed. When the power is off, the reclosing device should be deactivated before the switch is opened.

10. When power is supplied to the equipment, the corresponding protection trip plate should be in the put-in position. For protection regular inspection or other operations involving protection circuits, the input and stoppage of protection shall be included in the operation items; for operations not involving protection circuits, the protection operation mode may not be changed. Temporary protection loop operations may be affected by changes in the system’s operating mode, and the protection that should be ordered by the dispatcher to be deactivated and put into operation shall operate according to the dispatch command.

11. The operation of transformer power outage, power transmission and parallel and decommissioning shall be carried out according to the following principles:

① Before the transformer of the 110kV substation is powered off or sent, the 110kV neutral point knife gate should be closed, and the zero-sequence protection of the main transformer (zero-sequence protection) The total outlet, the zero sequence protection jump 110KV bus couple) should be in the input position.

② Under normal circumstances, the main transformer (including transformers of the same voltage level) power transmission operation procedure is charging on the high voltage side and sending out on the low voltage side, and the power failure operation procedure is power failure on the low voltage side and power failure on the high voltage side. When the generator is running on the low voltage side, the sequence should be determined according to the switch position equipped with the synchronization.

③ The operation basis of the main transformer compound voltage blocking overcurrent jump 35kV bus coupler pressure plate: If the main transformer compound voltage blocking overcurrent jump 35kV bus coupler has the same time limit as the 35kV outlet backup protection time limit, when a single main transformer is running , The protection pressure plate of the main transformer should be deactivated; if the time limit of the compound voltage blocking overcurrent trip of the main transformer 35 kV bus coupler is higher than the time limit of 35 kV outlet backup protection, the single main transformer can be operated without stopping the main transformer The protection platen.

④. If the operation task needs to change the operation mode of the used variable, before the operation of the high-voltage equipment, the operation of the used variable should be completed, and the check items should be set in the switch operation ticket to ensure reliable AC power supply.

12. Busbar operation:

①, 110 kV busbar charging should use busbar switch with charging protection to complete the charging operation.

②If the 35kV bus has charging protection, the bus switch should be used to complete the charging operation during charging, otherwise the main transformer 35kV switch should be used to complete the charging operation; 6kV bus charging should be performed according to the actual situation in accordance with this principle.

③ When charging the empty bus with a 110 kV switch with a broken capacitor, the capacitor and the bus voltage transformer should be prevented from resonating.

13. When installing the grounding wire, the grounding wire for dispatch management should be installed first, and then the grounding wire for the substation’s own pipe should be installed; the order of removing the grounding wire is the reverse.

14. When installing the grounding wire, the provisions for installing the grounding wire shall be installed immediately after the electrical inspection is performed, and no interruption shall be allowed. When installing grounding wires on both sides of the switch in the switchgear, install grounding wires on both sides of the switch after electrical inspection.

15. The grounding end of the grounding wire in the high-voltage switchgear should be installed at a visible position at the lower end of the front of the switchgear, and the “No closing, someone working!” sign is hung on the operating handle of the live side knife gate to prevent grounding. Line closing knife. After the trolley switch is pulled to the maintenance position, the switch cabinet door should be locked.

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