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Box type substation

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-26      Origin: Site

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A box-type transformer, also known as a combined substation, is a compact complete power distribution device that assembles high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage power distribution equipment and control equipment in a closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinet.

Its function is to distribute and balance the active power and reactive power generated by power plants and substations in the power system. Because this product has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low cost and small footprint, it is widely used in mines, oil fields and rural areas.

A complete box-type substation consists of the following parts:
1. High voltage switchgear.
2. Low-voltage switchgear.
3. Reactive power compensation capacitor.
4. Bus bar.
5. Cable.
6. Lightning arrester.
7. Ground.
8. Anti-mistake locking device.

2. Main features:

(1) Fully enclosed design;
(2) Fully insulated structure;
(3) High protection level;
(4) Modular structure design;
(5) Strong intelligent protection function;
(6) Mobility.
(7) Good reliability.

3. Technical parameters:

1. Rated working voltage: 220kv.
2. Rated capacity: 12mva.
3. Short circuit breaking current: 30ka.
4. No-load loss: 0.2%.
5. Load loss: 1.0%.
6. Overload capacity: 150%.
7. Temperature rise: 40 degrees.
8. Insulation resistance: 2mω.
9. Compressive strength: 3kv.
10. Power frequency withstand voltage test: 2000v1min.
11. Lightning impulse withstand voltage: 6kv2min.
12. Leakage flux density: 10μscm.
13. Frequency: 50hz.
14. Dimensions: (l*w*h)mm.
15. Weight: 20kg.

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