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CHHD Distributed Photovoltaic Storage And Grid-connected Solution Appeared at Jinan Photovoltaic Exhibition

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-26      Origin: Site

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CHHD Distributed Photovoltaic Storage And Grid-connected Solution Appeared at Jinan Photovoltaic Exhibition

From July 23 to 25, the 17th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference (referred to as Jinan Photovoltaic Exhibition) was grandly held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. CHHD brought distributed optical storage and grid-connected solutions and a variety of new energy special products to the exhibition. The company’s technical experts had in-depth exchanges with representatives of many photovoltaic innovation enterprises and industry elites to discuss the industry’s green and low-carbon innovation and development path.

CHHD Distributed Photovoltaic Storage and Grid-connected Solution Appeared at Jinan Photovoltaic Exhibition

With the theme of “Golden Sunshine, Clean Energy, Dual-Carbon Leading, Green Development”, this solar energy exhibition is the largest exhibition of distributed photovoltaics in China, attracting more than 500 leading new energy companies from around the world, including CHHD. At the exhibition site, CHHD exhibited distributed photovoltaic solutions, user-side energy storage solutions, household photovoltaic solutions and other photovoltaic storage and grid-connected solutions, attracting participants to stop by the perfect product line and technical advantages.

According to CHHD technicians, CHHD’s self-developed TGPV3 series photovoltaic grid-connected boxes, grid-connected cabinets, combiner boxes and other photovoltaic-specific intelligent products can be widely used in small and medium-sized photovoltaic markets, and can meet the needs of photovoltaic grid-connected below 800kW. All product components are self-developed and self-produced, and the series specifications are complete. Among them, the photovoltaic special grid-connected circuit breaker products have functions such as voltage detection and closing, under-voltage delay automatic reclosing, short-circuit overload protection, etc., which can maximize the use of distributed photovoltaics. The power supply supports the power grid and improves the economic benefits of power generation.

In addition, the photovoltaic special intelligent grid-connected box (cabinet) product not only has the advantages of high protection level, long service life, neat and reasonable wiring, and high reliability, but also can be unattended by monitoring data in real time and uploading it to the background. Operation and maintenance is more efficient and convenient.

In order to better meet the application needs of photovoltaic new energy products, CHHD has developed 8 Lean 2.0 photovoltaic product special production lines, which are the first in the industry. With the VSM value flow chart as the tool and the JIT production model as the guidance, the standard hand-held operation can be realized. In this way, the main raw materials of the production line are distributed in complete sets, the auxiliary materials are patrolled and replenished, and the overall flow of production is punctual, which effectively improves the product quality and production efficiency, and makes the delivery more timely.

At the first Shandong Province Optical Storage Integration Technology and Application Seminar held concurrently with the exhibition, Mr. He of CHHD was invited to give a keynote speech, introducing the “CHHD Distributed Optical Storage Grid-connected Solution” in detail.

Under the global carbon neutrality initiative, the development of clean energy represented by photovoltaics is very rapid, especially the explosive growth of distributed photovoltaics. CHHD closely follows the national energy policy, actively lays out the photovoltaic new energy track, focuses on the intelligent development trend of the photovoltaic industry, and formulates safe, efficient and intelligent distributed photovoltaic power distribution and grid-connected solutions to help the distributed photovoltaic industry accelerate growth.

As a strong force in the new energy track, CHHD focuses on new energy and other fields, and continues to provide customized intelligent power distribution system solutions for customers in the photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage and other new energy industries, and cooperates with State Power Investment Group, China Huaneng Group, China Huadian Group and other central electric power enterprises, as well as many leading companies in the photovoltaic industry such as Trina Solar, Sunshine New Energy, JA Solar, Jinko Technology, and Linyang Energy have established cooperative relationships to inject new energy into the green, low-carbon and smart development of the new energy industry. kinetic energy!

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