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How to choose photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-26      Origin: Site

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How to choose photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet?

How to choose photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet?
Photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet is one of the necessary equipment for solar power plants. It is mainly installed on the roof or ground to convert solar radiation into DC power for users to use. So how to choose a suitable grid-connected cabinet for ordinary families? Let me introduce to you below:

1. Look at the appearance When purchasing a photovoltaic power generation system, you must carefully check whether its quality is qualified and whether the installation is firm and reliable. Generally, the quality of products produced by regular production is relatively guaranteed, and the after-sales service is also relatively perfect; while those produced by small workshops may cut corners.

2. Look at the material. When selecting, check whether the selected photovoltaic modules and bracket materials meet the requirements of national standards; in addition, check whether the surface of the selected modules and brackets has scratches, deformation and other problems. If you find these phenomena, you should pay attention!

3. Look at the configuration. Before choosing to buy photovoltaic panels, you need to know how many watts of power you need and what configuration you need to meet your needs; generally speaking, products on the market are divided and configured according to different voltage levels. (such as 12v, 24v, 5060hz), so we should understand our own electricity environment and required configuration before purchasing, and then decide which model to buy is better!

4. Look at the price The price is also one of the important factors we consider. When purchasing, you should choose the appropriate product type according to your own budget! (Of course, you can’t just be greedy for cheap and ignore quality).

5. Selection is the image of a company and a symbol of its strength! So when choosing, be sure to look for big products~

6. Check the certification The qualification certificate of national certification is one of the important criteria for judging a product, so everyone should check the certification status of the product (such as cqc certification, ce certification, etc.) when choosing.

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