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The difference between ring net cabinet, inflatable cabinet and solid cabinet

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-26      Origin: Site

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The difference between ring net cabinet, inflatable cabinet and solid cabinet

Ring network cabinet: also known as HXGN, XGN15-12. Originally referred to as a switchgear used in a ring-shaped distribution network, because of its simple structure, a combination of load switch and fuse is commonly used. Later, as long as you see such a switch approved ring network cabinet.

◆ “Ring Grid Cabinet” has three forms: air insulation, fully enclosed inflatable cabinet and solid insulation. Air insulation is formed by connecting a common SF6 load switch through a copper bar to form a system. The parts are made with ordinary insulation.

◆ “Inflatable cabinet” (gas insulated ring network cabinet) except for the power supply inlet and outlet lines have special connection equipment, the cabinet and the cabinet are connected in a complete air cavity, which is filled with SF6 gas, the switch and high-voltage live parts are sealed in SF6 gas Compared with the traditional ring network cabinet, the life and safety of the gas tank have been qualitatively improved, and compared with the solid cabinet, it has a higher economic type and cost performance. At present, most of the new ring network cabinets have used the inflatable cabinet as the first choice to replace the ring network cabinet!

◆ “Solid cabinet” (solid insulated ring network cabinet) is the same as the inflatable cabinet, and it is the upgrade equipment of the common ring network cabinet. Different from the gas insulation method of the gas cabinet, the insulation form of the solid cabinet is the switch and the high-voltage live parts are integrally cast with epoxy resin, and the epoxy resin solid seal is used as a new type of power distribution equipment for the insulation of the charged body to the ground and the interphase insulation. As an upgraded version of the ordinary ring network cabinet, the solid cabinet has better insulation performance than the inflatable cabinet, and has better adaptability to harsh environments than the inflatable cabinet. The solid cabinet and the inflatable cabinet can be reasonably selected depending on the use environment.

The ring network cabinet is a group of high-voltage switchgear installed in the steel plate metal cabinet or assembled into a ring-shaped power supply unit of the ring network. It belongs to the high-voltage switchgear cabinet. Its core part uses load switches and fuses. It has a simple structure and volume. The advantages of small size, low price, improved power supply parameters and performance, and power supply safety are common names for load switch cabinets in medium voltage systems.

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