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What is the photovoltaic grid box

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-26      Origin: Site

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What is the photovoltaic grid box

A photovoltaic grid-connected box is a device installed on the roof or on the ground to convert solar energy into electricity. It is a new type of power generation system. The following editor will introduce to you what is a photovoltaic grid-connected box?

一、What is a photovoltaic grid-connected box:
A photovoltaic power station is a power station composed of an array of solar cell modules. In practical applications, in order to reduce the floor space and facilitate installation and maintenance, several solar panels are often used in combination, and this combination is called “photovoltaic square array”.

The single panels that make up the square array are called “photovoltaic modules”. An array composed of multiple monolithic modules is called a “photovoltaic square array”. In practical work, people often confuse the above two different concepts. Concepts such as “square matrix” and “array”, “single body” and “many body”, and their interrelationships are also often confused. clear.

二 、What is the function of grid-connected inverter?

The inverter is a device that converts direct current (dc) into alternating current (ac); when the input electric power changes due to the load, the output voltage and frequency of the inverter also change.

三 、What is an off-grid inverter?

An off-grid inverter is a power conversion device that converts AC power into DC power; it acts as a step-down transformer.

四、 ”Parallel operation mode”?

Parallel operation mode refers to the way of starting several devices to work at the same time when the power grid is working normally.

五、What are string inverters and centralized inverters?

1. String inverter:
Connect multiple single power supplies in series through connecting cables to form a large-capacity power supply.

2. Centralized inverter:
Connect the large combined power supply through the ground wire to form an integral unit in a large computer room.

6. How to judge whether to use string mode for power supply?

1. If the centralized power distribution system is adopted and the unit building with independent partition or each household in the community adopts the self-generated and self-used user, it can be regarded as a distributed electricity load.

2. If the building is a residential area or a residential building but does not implement the one-meter-one-household system, but the meter reading and measurement is performed on a building-by-building basis, it can be regarded as a distributed electricity load.

3. If it is a public building and commercial facility and has all realized intelligent management, it can be regarded as a distributed energy supply.

4. If it is the internal lighting of the industrial production plant and the lighting of the office area, it should be regarded as distributed energy supply.

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