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HXGN □ -12 Air-insulated compact switchgear


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Short Description:




HXGN □ -12 air-insulated compact switchgear, the company’s power users for the reliability and safety of electrical equipment for the technical interpretation of compact requirements developed by the switch equipment. With air insulation, compact, complete intellectual property rights, perfect type test product characteristics. Applicable to public buildings, commercial residential buildings, industrial and mining manufacturing industry and other 10 kV/7.2kV of power distribution system, but also suitable for compact high voltage motor driven complete sets of mechanical equipment matching.

Product Technical Features

Compact \ flexible
The insulation method of air as the medium meets the electrical clearance and partial discharge standards of the power industry technical specifications.
The size of the compact matching cabinet, the size of the matching standard cabinet:
480*1000*1800mm (width x depth x height), the complete power distribution system is particularly compact, saving space for expensive urban construction land.
Flexible busbar forms and expansion methods are convenient for splicing with other cabinet types.

Overall \ solid seal
Integrated circuit breaker combined electrical appliance design. The combined electrical appliance integrates isolating switch, circuit breaker, grounding switch and live sensor as a whole. It has a modular design and the interlock is simple and reliable
Easy maintenance.

Visualization \ High efficiency
The visualized disconnection design of the isolating switch, quick delivery time, and overall modular design make the assembly of electrical complete plants convenient and quick. Integrated structure, all kinds of closed doors
Seeking to be realized in a single institution to reduce the risk of lockout failure due to assembly process problems in complete electrical factories.

Stable \ durable
Optional spring/permanent magnet mechanism, long mechanical life, vacuum arc extinguishing chamber package with solid sealing, dustproof and high insulation performance

Environmental conditions for product use

1. The altitude does not exceed 2000;
2. Ambient temperature +40℃;
3. The daily average of relative temperature is not greater than 95%, and the monthly average is not greater than 95%
4. The surrounding air should not be significantly polluted by corrosive or combustible gases, water vapor, etc.;
5. No frequent severe vibration;
When the use conditions are different or there are other requirements, please consult with the manufacturer.

Product technical parameters

♦ Voltage rating :12 KV
♦ MINT frequency withstand voltage :42 KV lightning shock withstand
♦ voltage :75/85 KV rated current :630 I 1 250 feeder) rated
♦ frequency :50/60 Hz.
♦ rated short-circuit breaking current :25 kA/31.5kA
♦ Current Rated Short Time Tolerance :25 kA/31.5kA
♦ rated peak tolerance current :50 kA/63kA
♦ rated short circuit current breaking times :30 mechanical
♦ life :10000(circuit breaker), auxiliary circuit power frequency t
♦ olerance voltage :2000 V 630-1250 8(incoming line) 3000(disconnector/ground switch),100000(circuit brea

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