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CHMV high voltage solid state soft starter device switchgear


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Short Description:

CHMV series high-voltage solid-state soft starter is the latest generation of high-tech products that are perfect, reliable, and easy to maintain. Provide the best current-limiting and torque-reducing starting method for the motor. The device is formed by connecting multiple thyristors in series and parallel, which can meet different current and voltage requirements.
The products are widely used in electric power, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy steel, papermaking and other industries with rated voltage of 3000-10000V. It can be well used with various electromechanical equipment such as water mercury, fans, compressors, pulverizers, mixers, belt conveyors, etc. It is an ideal high-voltage motor starting and protection equipment.


Medium Voltage MV Metal Clad Electrical Main Distribution Switchgear

Product device introduction

High voltage soft starter is a new type of intelligent motor starter, suitable for squirrel cage asynchronous and synchronous motors. It is a motor terminal control device that integrates starting, display, protection and data acquisition. Users can implement more complex control functions with fewer components. The high-voltage soft-starting device controls the input voltage by controlling the conduction angle of the thyristor, so as to change the voltage value of the motor stator terminal, that is, control the starting torque and starting current of the motor, so as to realize the soft-starting control of the motor. The high-voltage soft start can smoothly accelerate according to the set starting parameters, thereby reducing the electrical and mechanical impact on the power grid, motor and equipment. When the motor reaches the rated speed, the bypass contactor is automatically connected. After the high-voltage soft starter is started, it will continue to monitor the motor and provide various fault protections.

Model meaning






CHHD Electrical

High Voltage Solid State Soft Start Device

F: Indicates split type, generally omitted

Y: Indicates integrated

Power specification (KW)

Voltage class (KV)

Technical Features

●Components: high-voltage thyristor module, thyristor protection components, optical fiber trigger components, vacuum switch components, signal acquisition and protection components, system control and display components.
●Thyristor module: The thyristors with the same parameters in each phase are installed in series and parallel.
●Thyristor protection components: mainly include the overvoltage absorption network composed of RC network and the voltage equalization protection network composed of voltage equalization units.
●Optical fiber trigger components: use strong trigger pulse circuit to ensure the consistency and reliability of triggering; use optical fiber trigger for reliable high and low voltage isolation.
●Vacuum switch parts: After the start is completed, the three-phase vacuum bypass contactor is automatically closed, and the motor is put into power grid operation.
●Signal collection and protection components: The main circuit voltage and current signals are collected through voltage transformers, current transformers, and arresters, and the main CPU controls and performs corresponding protection.
●System control and display parts: 32-bit ARM core microcontroller performs central control, LCD liquid crystal/touch screen display, which can display three-phase voltage, current, fault information, running status, etc.
The cabinet structure adopts KYN28 high-voltage switchgear cabinet, the main structure adopts 2mm thick aluminum-zinc steel plate composite folding process, the cabinet door adopts 2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate composite folding technology, and the cabinet door adopts electrostatic spraying technology. It has the characteristics of impact resistance, corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance. The protection level is IP40.


●Various starting methods;
●Start-up control: The whole machine is equipped with local, remote (external dry contact), PLC, communication (485 interface, Modbus) start-stop control functions;
●Soft start/direct start has conversion function;
Thyristor protection: RC absorption dynamic and static voltage equalization technology to ensure reliable and safe operation of power devices in series under high voltage;
● strong anti-interference;
●Modular design;
● Communication interface: RS-485 communication interface, embedded with standard MODBUS protocol, which is convenient for configuration and connection;
●Analog signal output: 4-20ma signal;
●With 15 fault memory;
●Advanced and perfect start-stop function;
●High reliability; high security; strong practicability.

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