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DTU-900 Distribution Automation Station Terminal


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Short Description:




DTU-900 distribution automation terminal is a new generation of products developed for ring network cabinets, switchgears and other places that are more and more widely used at present. It uses a new high-voltage switch control that combines high-speed sampling chips and 32-bit high-speed control chips The device can quickly and steadily complete the monitoring of the high-voltage switch. It integrates protection, measurement, control, monitoring, communication, sports and other functions in one, with high integration, flexible configuration, friendly interface and other characteristics.

Widely used in radiant power supply and ring network power supply system, it can help the system to identify the transient and permanent faults of the line, it can automatically eliminate the impact of the transient fault on the line, and can isolate the permanent fault segment to avoid long-term large-scale power outages , Automatically restore the power supply of the non-faulty section grid, so as to realize the automation of distribution network economically and practically.


DTU-900 Sanya distribution automation terminal device uses high-performance 32-bit microprocessor as hardware development platform and efficient embedded real-time operation as software development platform. Its tools
Has the following distinctive technical characteristics:

◆Unified core public platform
◇Platform: unified embedded software and hardware combination platform (CPU adopts independently developed 32-bit motherboard, the main frequency can reach 240MHZ, a hardware platform with large information processing capacity
And embedded multi-task real-time operating system software platform), supports high-speed Ethernet bus and CAN bus, the interface capacity is large.
◇Storage: Large-capacity FALSH and RAM, which can record the location, event sequence record of accident remote signal shift SOE and other local records, extreme value recording data is stored locally, the time is not small
In 1 month, support the uploading of historical data.

◆Diversified configuration of communication methods and communication protocols
◇ With 4 RS232/RS485 interfaces, baud rate 300-115200bps, with 2 Ethernet ports, supports 101, 104 and other protocols.
◇Hardware configuration: Independent communication management module, hardware configuration supports master-slave interchange, redundant design.
◇Software configuration: support multiple communication methods and multiple communication protocols, and can communicate with multiple master stations of different levels at the same time.

◆Flexible configuration of remote signaling, remote control and telemetry
◇True modular design, three remote function modules are universal, and the damage of any module does not affect the operation of other modules and systems.
◇Three remote points are within the maximum capacity of the measurement and control unit, and the three remote function modules can be expanded as needed. Three remote points exceed the maximum capacity range of the measurement and control unit, you can pass
Expansion bus external expansion function module.

◆Intelligent power management
◇Real-time monitoring of power supply, AC power failure and battery under-voltage alarm.
◇ Online battery management, support manual, automatic and remote activation.
◇Battery charge and discharge protection, automatically cut off battery power when it is below the discharge cut-off point.
◇Can provide a variety of working power for terminals, communication equipment, remote communication, remote control, with output short circuit protection. Support access to lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.
◇Using large LCD Chinese display, menu interface, keyboard operation, providing a good human-computer interaction environment (optional).
◇ Provide various indicators to indicate the running status.
◇Provide remote and local maintenance interface, the operation personnel can maintain it locally or remotely from the main station.
◆Environmental aspects
◇Adapt to harsh environment, working temperature -40℃~+70℃, anti-magnetic, anti-moisture, anti-vibration.
◇Electromagnetic compatibility can reach the requirements of level 4 and above, and can adapt to strong electromagnetic environment.


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