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ZYJP integrated distribution box (compensation/control/terminal/lighting)


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Short Description:




ZYJP series outdoor integrated distribution box, is a collection of metering, outlet line, reactive power compensation and other functions in one to achieve outdoor integrated distribution device, with short circuit, overload, overvoltage, leakage protection and other functions, small size, beautiful appearance, economical and practical, installed on the pole of transformer on outdoor column, is a new generation of ideal distribution products for urban and rural power grid transformation.

Model meaning


Normal Use Environment

♦ ambient temperature :-25°C+40 C;
♦ air relative humidity: daily mean not more than 90%, monthly mean not more than 90%;
♦ altitude: not more than 2000 m;
♦ installed in places without violent vibration and shock, non-corrosive gases.

Structural characteristics

Box structure discrete and horizontal, shell using 2 mm high-quality stainless steel plate through multiple folding process bending (or honeycomb structure of stainless steel double sandwich composite plate, with flame-retardant, environmental protection, heat insulation, anti-condensation, etc.), special stainless steel welding process, the overall strength of the box, smooth surface such as mirror, no weld marks; internal installation beam (plate) hot-dip galvanized process to ensure 20 years of stainless steel; box front and rear door, easy to operate and repair, high elastic doors around the door, sealed, each door with clear lock anti-rust; All-enclosed lead-sealing device in metering room; incoming cable piercing pipe with rain-proof and foreign body on the side of box body, vent hole and cable wire hole on the bottom, ventilation channel and wire mesh on the top, waterproof, rust-proof, dust-proof and foreign body function, protection grade: IP54.

Main technical parameters

Serial number Name Unit Parameters
1 Transformer capacity kVA 30-400
2 Rated operating voltage V AC400
3 Working voltage of auxiliary circuit V AC220.AC380
4 Rated frequency Hz 50
5 Rated current A w 630
6 Rated leakage current mA 30-300 Adjustable
7 Protection level   IP54
 001 For the isolation switch, the model can choose HD11F and other series;
 ZYJP INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION BOX_0007_ 3 It is a knife fuse switch, the model can choose HR5, HR6 and other series;
 ZYJP INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION BOX_0006_ 4 For the circuit breaker, the model can be selected from DZ20, CM1, NS, DZ47 and other series;
 ZYJP INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION BOX_0005_ 5 For AC contactor, the model can choose CJ20, B series, CJX2, CJ19 switching capacitors and other series;
 ZYJP INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION BOX_0004_ 6 It is a zero sequence transformer and a leakage relay, and the model can be selected from JD, LLJ and other series;
 ZYJP INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION BOX_0003_ 8 For the current transformer, the model can be selected from LMZ1-0.5, LMK-0.66 and other series;
 ZYJP INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION BOX_0002_ 9 For the arrester, the model can be selected from FYS, Y3W and other series;
 ZYJP INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION BOX_0001_ 10 For capacitors, the model can be selected from BSMJ, BCMJ and other series;
 ZYJP INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION BOX_0000_ 11 For automatic compensation controller, the model can be selected from JKL, JKG and other series; the number of compensation circuits is 1-4 times optional, and the capacity of each time is 3~20Kvar,
 Another: According to user needs, temperature and humidity control device can be installed in the box.

Main circuit diagram


Box size

Size of horizontal box

Transformer capacity Programme Number L W H
30~100 kVA 01.06 800 450 700
30~250 kVA 02.04、07、09 900 500 700
kVA 100~400 03.05、08、10 1100 600 800

 Shape dimensions of vertical box

Transformer capacity Programme Number L W H
30~100 kVA 01.06 600 450 1000
30~250 kVA 02.04、07、09 700 500 1000
kVA 100~400 03.05、08、10 800 600 1100

Schematic diagram of box structure


Internal component arrangement (front)   Internal component arrangement (back)
1. incoming cable piercing 6. measures 11. Zero-sequence transformers
2. Lock (Clear Lock) 7. junction box 12. Leakage relays
3. door lock rainproof box 8. capacitors 13. Outlet AC contactors
4. door lock 9. switched capacitor contactor 14. Outlet Air Switch
5. Current Transformer 10. Small circuit breakers  
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